Webster's Mission

51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ, a worldwide institution, ensures high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence.

Our Vision for 51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ

Our vision is to be a premier U.S.-based international university setting a distinct standard for global education.

Our Core Values

By sustaining a personalized approach to a global, student-centered education through small classes, close relationships with faculty and staff, and attention to student life.

Student seated at lab table with professor leaning and talking with her.

By developing educational programs that join theory and practice, provide an international perspective, encourage creativity and scholarship, and foster a lifelong desire to learn and actively serve communities and the world.

Several students sitting at tables in rows, with laptops, papers, and books in front of them, having a conversation.

By creating an environment accessible to individuals of diverse cultures, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds and instilling in students a respect for diversity and an understanding of their own and others’ values.

International students talking in the university center.

By educating a diverse population locally, nationally, and internationally, acting responsibly toward the environment to foster a sustainable future, and strengthening the communities we serve.

Three women stand together in front of 51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ Tashkent sign with a man standing to the side of them..

Our History Sets Us Apart

In 1915, the Sisters of Loretto had a bold vision β€” to establish a university that would admit and educate only women.

Opening with five students, the institution’s first graduating class totaled just two women. Today our main campus looks quite different than it did more than a century ago β€” and even different from when it was renamed 51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ in 1983.



The University welcomed its first international students.


The first visually-impaired student graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.


The institution announced a new program for military veterans.


The first Black student graduated from the University.


51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ Kansas City opened its first metro location.


The University launched its first online programs.

Now, the University engages more than 13,000 individuals living and working around the world, honoring the Sisters of Loretto’s legacy in the pursuit of academic excellence, equality and global citizenship.

Webster Hall

Global Impact for the Next Century

Webster Hall

Strategic Plan

Emboldened by the success of our first century, 51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ's strategic plan looks to the future. It is organized into four themes:

  • Global innovation through inclusive leadership
  • A global, student-centered experience
  • A network of academic and operational excellence
  • Strategic and sustainable development

Our Diversity and Inclusion Statement

For us, diversity and inclusion are more than meeting a goal or focusing on a specific representation with a combination. It involves expressive dialogue and offerings of distinct talent, thought and inquiry from individuals from various backgrounds. We recognize that diversity and inclusion cultivate academic excellence. Our University also understands the success of each individual strengthens the community.

Our Inclusion Pledge

As a member of the 51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ community,

  • I promise to consciously promote acceptance and demonstrate respect.
  • I will dedicate myself to actively listen to each person’s story.
  • I promise to learn from and embrace differences among identities.
  • I will recognize commonalities and shared experiences.
  • I will practice inclusive language and be open to learning.
  • I promise to educate others to foster an inclusive community that treats every person with dignity and respect.

I will honor this commitment in my classes, workplace, personal life and all other pursuits on and off campus. I pledge to make everyone feel safe, valued and part of our global community #WeAreAllWebster.

Download the Inclusion Pledge (PDF)

Statement of Ethics

51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ strives to be a center of academic excellence. The University makes every effort to ensure the following:

  • The opportunity for students to learn and inquire freely.
  • The protection of intellectual freedom and the rights of professors to teach.
  • The advancement of knowledge through scholarly pursuits and relevant dialogue.

The University community is by nature pluralistic and diverse. Those who elect to participate in the 51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ community β€” students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and directors β€” accept the responsibility of sharing in the effort to achieve the University’s mission as an institution of higher learning. Each member is expected to respect the objectives of the University and the views of its members.

Participants in this shared enterprise strive to be governed by what ought to be rather than by what is. To accomplish its goals, members of the University community aspire to a higher standard than mere compliance with formalized University requirements and local, state, and federal laws.

51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ endeavors to fulfill the following expectations:

  • Preserve academic honor and integrity by repudiating all forms of academic and intellectual dishonesty.
  • Treat others with respect and dignity.
  • Respect the rights and property of others.
  • Act with concern for the safety and well-being of its associates.

Inquiry, discourse and dissent, within the framework of an ordered academic environment, are seminal elements of a university community and of a free democratic society. Members of the 51³ΙΘΛΑΤΖζ community recognize this and are consequently supportive of democratic and lawful procedure and dedicated to rational approaches to solving problems. This assumes openness to change as well as commitment to historical values.

News and Events

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